Tony Bruno Amps Underground 30 Head
Tony Bruno Amps Underground 30 Head

Underground 30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Tony Bruno Amps.

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James... 23/12/2011

Tony Bruno Amps Underground 30 Head : la opinión de James... (content in English)

"Now with mid control!"

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I'm reviewing the new version of the Underground 30, the Underground Custom. The Custom is essentially the same amp with a few rewiring tricks, a mid control, and a feedback loop that Tony says is the biggest difference sound wise. The amp is a cosmetic beauty just like all the Bruno line, and you can expect some hardcore build quality from these. They're entirely hand wired and the price reflects that. The amp is pretty darn simple, with a single channel and 3 controls for reverb. Doesn't get much easier than that.


I play mine most of the time through a PRS Starla and a Matchless 2x12. The Underground is a really loud amp. It should be labeled more like 50 watts to be honest. It's way louder than any 30 watt Vox I've played.


This version of the Underground seems much more friendly to my lead based style. Maybe that's the mid control at work? And I believe the Custom has more headroom, which I still haven't figured out if I like... It's very responsive to different guitars and you will hear a huge difference between Fender and gibson type models. I feel like the Custom has a bit more Fender Twin in it than Vox. Although the overdriven stuff is still very spongey. The strumming stuff really jangles like it should.

Tony's reverb on this amp is in my opinion, perfect. You can get a very subtle echo by setting the controls low, which is what I usually do. But if you like spacey reverb, you can get that too. If you are a surf rock guy this tank can do that sound.


I haven't quite decided if the Underground Custom is better. It's surely different. I think it's a more experimental build than the original which was a more tradition Vox like design, while the Custom has some aspects of a few different amps. I love it though. You are getting a super reliable amp here as I have owned 3 of Tony's amps and never had any issues. They are about as close to vintage build spec as you can get. And the man has great ears.