Jaded Faith Super Clean
Jaded Faith Super Clean

Super Clean, Tube Guitar Preamp from Jaded Faith.

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Mattfig 23/06/2012

Jaded Faith Super Clean : la opinión de Mattfig (content in English)

"Jaded Faith's Super Clean"

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OK, this is a module that works woth Randall/Egnater MTS series amps and preamps...It contains two preamp tubes along with joining up with the existing tubes in the RM series amps...

The power comes from you RM or M series amp.

Here's the specs and backstory:
This mod started as a request for the ultimate clean tone. No midgain compromises and not based on any particular amp. Just a pristine clean that is inspiring and fun to play. It is loud and clean all the way up to 10 on the gain, but set correctly (all options on) it can snarl if you should want it to. It has fat, round lows. The mids are hollowed out for an uncongested clean tone. The highs are bright and voiced high, but not piercing. Spank is exactly what it sounds like, adding a Fender-esque spank to things. The Touch switch restructures a gain stage, adding touch sensitivity in spades. You can finger pick a clean D chord and let it drip into an oozing sweet spot sustain, reminiscent of The Edge's eBow work on The Joshua Tree. The Humbucker/Singlecoil switch is designed to make the tone as close as possible for each type of pickup at the flip of a switch. Using it in ways it wasn't intended creates interesting options: Humbuckers on the Singlecoil setting can give a bold push that is similar to many stock cleans and Single or Split coils into the Humbucker setting give a nearly acoustic sound.


The sounds outta this preamp are outstanding...If you want a straight up beautiful set of clean tones, this is it...It can deliver warm round jazzy cleans through spanky, cutting cleans that don't ice-pick your tone at all...

The features are simple and easy to understand...The manual is a list of toggles and switches and their functions that can be found on the botoom of the module for ewasy access...

This mod totally fills my need for a perfect clean...


This mod can do it all...It even has a toggle to adjust the signal to single coil or humbucker pickups...The "touch" function is amazing and really kicks the responsiveness and feel...There isn't enough good I can say about this mod...

The EQ is perfect for all needs and lays right on the sweet spot of each high, mid, and low...


This module fills anyone's clean needs...You can dial it in many different ways from think and cutting to rich and rounded...And everything in between...It just blows me away...

The precision of the sound is hard to quantify as it is not based off any particular amp but rather influenced by some of the greatest cleans known to man: Roland JC, Fender Twin, Baseman, etc., Vox, etc...

It can do it all!