Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Mesa Boogie V-Twin

V-Twin, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie in the V-Twin series.

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heads on fire 01/11/2011

Mesa Boogie V-Twin : la opinión de heads on fire (content in English)

"Fantastic tube dirt box."

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Handbuilt in the USA
2x12AX7 tubes
2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)
Mode Assignment Switches
Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)
Bypass Switch
Clean Gain Adjustment Control
Record/Headphone Out
External Switching Inputs


This is a wonderful pedal that I wish Mesa still produced. I found mine for an absolute steal, and sold it later for way more than I paid for it. I should have kept it - it is a great tube box. It is a dirt pedal that kept the character of the guitar intact, which is nice. With a direct out, 2 channels, super durable housing, the ability to switch up channel voicings, and a great EQ, this pedal has it all. The treadplate metal looks like a Dual Rectifier, and the pedal can certainly sound like one as well.


The V-Twin excels here - it sounds utterly, ridiculously good. It can get blues crunch, liquid sustain soloing, death metal chug, and about any point in between. The EQ is very responsive, and can carve a nice spot for the guitar (or bass) to sit. It has a ton of gain on tap, which is befitting of the MESA name. It sounds good just being used as a distortion pedal, but being that it is a preamp, it can run directly into a power amp, or even the PA system, as well.


I'm giving this all 10s, all the way across the board. This is one of the best distortion boxes ever produced. It is durable as all get-out, it sounds incredible, it looks like a work of rugged American art, and it is versatile. It's an investment even, as the discontinuation of it has caused it to rise in price. This pedal can make a boring one channel clean amp sound fantastic, and it can make a great amp just sing! I unabashedly love this pedal, and I wish I had another.