Randall Module Recto
Randall Module Recto

Module Recto, Tube Guitar Preamp from Randall in the MTS series.

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iamqman 14/09/2011

Randall Module Recto : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Good for what it is."

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Randall amplification has been known for creating some of the coolest and most innovative rock preamps in the market. It's really taken hold of the whole preamp module market and got a huge niche of cool and very usable preamp modules. These are good for sticking into Randall amplifier that takes modules and has its own power section. These preamps can be interchangeable when you can pull one of them out just as quickly completed. If you don't like the tone you can swap it out for something that you might like little bit better. This gives the user or guitar player a lot of flexibility of his guitar tones.


This little preamp as five EQ control knobs consisting of gain, level, bass, middle, and treble as well as a bright switch to take it up a notch if you needed for playing a thicker mahogany based guitars. Is it pretty easy and preamp dial-in a good time with and it doesn't take a genius really figure out a good solid voicing for this preamp. It only takes two screws to slide it into your Rm 100 or another power amp module head.


This is based off the Mesa boogie rectifier series high gain amplifiers. Some of the Randall MTS series modules don't sound exactly like the preamp they are emulating, but this one has a good recto feel in town. So if you're looking for a sick chunky and fuzzy type of distortion then this is good to be a good module that you would stick into one if you're Randall power amp or wavier Randall RM 100 power amp heads.


These modules come in just around $200 which is a pretty good price for such simple preamp you can swap in and out of your RM 100 amplifier. It's pretty inexpensive to challenge yourself on what you might like or dislike so you can really get your money back to you if you need to sell it