Ohana Ukuleles SK-10S

SK-10S, Ukulele from Ohana Ukuleles.

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moosers 21/03/2011

Ohana Ukuleles SK-10S : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Ohana Music SK-10 is a student level, soprano ukulele. I don't own this instrument but have played it at a band's home studio where I've been working. The SK-10 is pretty much the least expensive ukulele you're going to be able to find (that's not a toy) and is the cheapest of what Ohana has to offer. It's made mostly out of laminated mahogany, but the fingerboard is made from rosewood. It of course can't be plugged in at all as it's strictly an acoustic instrument.


While I've only dabbled a bit here and there with ukulele and just own a similar beginner's model at home, the Ohana Music SK-10 has a pretty good feel for the price. It's not as easy to play as more professional models, but for those just looking to learn, it's totally playable and easy enough to get the basics on. It's certainly not the sturdiest ukulele, but as long as you treat it right it should be somewhat long lasting...


The sound of the Ohana Music SK-10 isn't anything too special, but sounds like a ukulele enough to get the picture across, even if it's not the best portrait of it's sound. You can't expect too much when you're buying the cheapest that they have to offer, but even keeping this in mind it's still a pretty okay sounding ukulele. It definitely lacks the pristine sound you'll get with higher class ukuleles, but again it's just fine for beginners.


The Ohana Music SK-10 is a good deal for the price and a great way for those who want to get into ukulele to get an instrument that's playable and good to learn on without having to spend much money at all. I have a similar model to the SK-10 at home, but not made by Ohana. I now wish I had gotten the SK-10 instead as it seems to be a sturdier instrument than what I've got. If you're at all serious about playing the ukulele, I'm spring for something a bit more long term oriented, but for those of us who just want the sound on hand and to mess with every now and again, the Ohana SK-10 is perfect...