Digidesign Mbox
Digidesign Mbox

Mbox, USB audio interface from Digidesign.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Digidesign Mbox : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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LACKING! i say this because other manufacturers have included more I/O, MIDI, and more tracks (limitation due to their use of USB 1.1)

Price paid



I like ProTools interface for a few reasons. the main reason is because their is SO much information available on their software and tutorials it is easy to find out what you need to know if this is your first attempt at making music. at first i hated the fact that their isn't a right click context menu in the application but once i got use to using the keyboard it is so much faster then i use to be with Nuendo. you can even buy stickers that fit the top of your keys exactly and show you the keyboard shortcuts for like $10 so it isn't hard to lean to use the interface at all. my main problem with the PT LE software is you get a ton of demo RTAS plugins with the software and the damn things have no uninstall file and they do not show up under ADD/REMOVE program their is a section of the DUC (digidesigns forums) that shows you what files to remove from the program directory to get rid of the demos but it didn't work for me. PT also takes a long time to load and i hate that. also, the real time export is a pain. sometimes you just want to bounce it as fast as your system can process the files like other applications offer especially if you just had to go and make one small change and you do NOT need to listen to the whole track. To import MP3's to use in your project you need a plugin that is like $300 or more. and don't think you are going to be doing audio for video via timecode because the DV kit plugin that provides this ability is like $1,000! OMF import is also a plugin that costs hundreds of dollars so unless you got the money to drop dont expect a simple transition of all your old projects into PT (most decent application support OMF out the box and i heard that digidesign actually created this format).


The box feels sturdy, the usb plug in the back is a little weak if you ask me i bent mine an my cable doesnt sit in their correctly anymore and will disconnect from time to time. PT is one of the most unstable applications i have ever used also. it doesnt lock and freeze on me but it just is so damn picky about the system it is being ran on. make sure that you check that your system will run PT software before you make your purchase.


Considering the price the sound quality definitely acceptable.

honestly i have not used other mobile products like this one so i cannot compare it to another products preamps, converters, and final sound. but i can tell you that i have made some music that sounds a lot better then what i expected with this device and a $100 mic. i am not mad that i got this because i have not used anything else and this is allowing me to make music better then i expected to be able to at this price point but i hear their is more for less out their. my biggest issues are with the software and you can always use the MBox hardware with any other software so if you do find yourself in a position where some of the things that digidesign wants to charge you hundreds extra for you need to use you could just buy cubase or any other application for a fraction of the cost of the DV kit that has all of the necessary features to run with the MBox and be all good.

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