Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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moosers 07/11/2010

Edirol UA-25 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Edirol UA-25 is a simple, USB audio interface for use in home studios. This type of interface is a perfect way to start building your small home studio. It's definitely not going to be adequate for an sort of in depth recording, but if you're just looking to get some demos down it will do the job. There are a lot of audio interfaces out there like this, so definitely make sure to do your homework before deciding on one. The UA-25 in particular has two dual XLR-1/4" microphone preamps, each with their own gain knobs and a 1/4" headphone jack in the front. In the back it's MIDI and digital (ADAT) inputs and outputs as well as 1/4" and RCA outputs for your main monitors. It has built in phantom power and can support sample rates up to 96 K.


If you understand the basics behind audio interfaces, nothing should seem complicated to you about the Edirol UA-25. Once you make your initial connections, there's not too much to be aware of on this, as it's pretty simple. Of course I do understand that those who are looking at something like this probably are just starting out. If you feel lost just looking/hearing about this, grab the manual for some help...


The sound of the mic preamps on the Edirol UA-25 aren't all that great, but are suitable for laying down demos at the least. Those looking at the UA-25 most likely aren't going to need the best sounding preamps, and if you are I'd suggest you stop reading this review and look elsewhere! You probably couldn't make a professional sounding recording, but if you just want something with a few mic inputs to use in your DAW, the UA-25 sounds just fine for that.


While there isn't too much that sets the Edirol UA-25 apart, it's still a solid USB audio interface for very small home studios where you might have this and a microphone and your DAW basically. I do however, think that you can find a comparable audio interface for cheaper out there, as this seems like it should be a bit cheaper than it is. Definitely check out the full scope of USB audio interfaces like those made by M-Audio and others if you're looking for the best bang for your buck in an interface...