Edirol UA-5
Edirol UA-5

UA-5, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 25/07/2012

Edirol UA-5 : la opinión de theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"Kind of pricey"

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The Edirol UA 5 is a very sturdy interface that can handle some punishment. I no longer own this unit but I remember when I was using it I put it through all types of abuse by accident. I had this really small desk that I was using that my laptop could barely fit on, and I had this beside the laptop and it kept getting knocked off the desk and the basement floor was concrete. I though for sure it would end up breaking on me one day but it never did. Once of the drops did pop off the cap of the front output knob. But I was able to get it to go back on. The Edirol UA 5 has several different connects and records up to 24 bits.


It was very easy to use, it had a great sound quality and switch able phantom power. This device is very simple but at the same time its very complex with everything that you can do with it. But one key thing for me was that you cant record and then play simultaneously. I didn’t realize that until I read in the manual that you can do that at 96khz.


The font of the device is where everything is, the back of the device has nothing. Your ins are in the front all the knobs and monitor levels are in the front, so this makes for a great device for home because you probably wont every have to turn it around to get a look at the back of it.


Great interface, but there are some other ones that are very similar and are cheaper. When this first came out I remember I paid almost 300 dollars for it. I wasn’t happy with that price, it didn’t hold up for a long time though and I don’t regret my decision. But there are other interfaces that will cost less and can sound the exact same.