Lexicon Alpha
Lexicon Alpha

Alpha, USB audio interface from Lexicon.

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AlanForPresident 30/08/2012

Lexicon Alpha : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Served its purpose, but has some problems"

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The Lexicon Alpha is a 2x2x2 Recording Interface that will go perfect with your laptop set up. I used the Alpha before on my Dell Laptop back when I was trying to get use to a few new software DAW’s that I was working with. It has pretty high powered head phone amps that are pretty clear when providing power to your headphones. The Alpha gets its power from USB when plugged into your laptop or computer so you really don’t have to worry about a power cord. I don’t think it even has a spot for a power cord if I remember correctly.


Everything with the Lexicon Alpha was very stable, I never encountered any problems when I was using the interface. There are a lot of things I would change about it though. Yes, you will experience some small latency while recording but that was not what bothered me. The issues I was having seemed to be between the Alpha interface and the DAW that I was using at the time which was FL Studio. We all know that Fl Studio can be a pain from time to time, but with this interface I experienced so many problems, I would have to basically re install every time I opened it in order for FL Studio to recognize it.


I had that small compatibility issue when using it with FL Studio, it could have just been my system because I never had that problem with other interfaces. The manual was easy to read and understand, I was reading through the manual a lot trying to figure the problem out.


The Alpha by Lexicon cost a good price for the average person, I was in search of a low priced interface and decided to go with this one, yes it worked but it also gave me problems. If I had to make the choice again I would not buy this, I would get something a little more stable.