Lexicon Omega
Lexicon Omega

Omega, USB audio interface from Lexicon.

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AlanForPresident 04/06/2012

Lexicon Omega : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"mic was not good"

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The Lexicon Omega Studio bundle was one of the first bundles that I actually bought and used. I had it in my first year of college years ago. It was one of the cheapest (priced) setups that I could get so I could do recording right from my dorm room. I really didn’t know what to expect getting this bundle and I didn’t read any reviews or anything before I purchased it. I just saw a cheap bundle plus I had a online coupon code so I used that and I got it really cheap during a time when I was looking for a small set up to record with.

Since it was my first time really recording myself, I ran into some small issues just with how to set everything up and how to actually record and over dub and all that good stuff. But those where just issues from it being my first time, so after I worked out those problems I got right to recording.

Some of the things I really like about it was it was really easy just to open the program and drag the instrumental in and press record and that was it, nice and quick and easy. I really had no knowledge of actually mixing or anything so all that stuff didn’t matter to me. I don’t really think it would have been to hard to get a good mix in Lexicon Studio. I just didn’t know how to do it. I also loved how fast the program opened up. Unless pro tools which is what I use now it takes time to get it to open. I no longer have Lexicon Omega Studio I sold it on eBay a few years ago and upgraded. One bad thing about this bundle is the mic is really cheap. You could probably get the same quality from a wal mart mic that comes on a karaoke machine..