M-Audio Fast Track Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Fast Track Pro, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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BadApple 21/03/2011

M-Audio Fast Track Pro : la opinión de BadApple (content in English)

"Great but Fiddly"

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I am a producer and I wanted an external soundcard so that I could hook up my monitors, Sub woofer and Synthesiser all together.
I am also a DJ with a live show so an external soundcard is needed when recording/broadcasting over the internet.
I heard that this soundcard was very good for the price that it was from a few friends so I decided to get this model.
The way in which my set up is hooked up is as follows...
Balanced 1/4 inch jacks out to my monitors, RCA out to my sub and midi in for my synthesiser.
Everything works fine.


Latency with this product is not big of a deal whilst producing.
I do get occasional cracks from latency but nothing that puts me off the product.
Whilst recording a DJ set there is no latency at all, it all works perfectly fine and I am very impressed with it.
I run windows 7 so the drivers are updated automatically whenever there is a new update.


Ah, the manual... this was probably the worst part about the fast track pro.
There was no manual at all, I had to try and work everything out by myself. This was ok because I know my way around these things but for someone that does not, they would be lost definitely.
With the actual running of the fast track pro I have to swap from line 1 and 2 to S/PDIF for different uses.
For example if I want to listen to itunes I would have to set it to line 1 and 2.
If I want to use my DAW then I will have to set it to S/PDIF. This can be annoying some times if I forget and no sound comes out.
No compatibility issues at all with this, that is probably because I am running windows 7 though and everything updates automatically.


The thing I like most about this product is how everything can be input into it, I would buy the fast track ultra if I had the money as I think this lacks inputs if you were wanting to record more into your DAW.
Least favourite thing would be the lack of manual to actually set the thing up in the first place, this really aggravated me and I feel as though M-Audio should really sort this out.
This is definitely worth the money and now you can pick it up for even cheaper.
Quality is great, can not say anything bad about that.