M-Audio Fast Track C400
M-Audio Fast Track C400

Fast Track C400, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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mrjason 07/03/2013

M-Audio Fast Track C400 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Simple to use, works with plenty of DAW's"

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The M Audio Fast Track C400 is a sleek designed interface that has a very appealing look to it. It sits perfectly on a desktop and cannot be racked but when on our desktop it will not look like an interface at all. It is a 4 in and 6 out interface that lets you record and play back multiple sources. One feature that I really liked with this interface is that I could connect more than 1 set of monitors to it and switch back and forth between them for monitoring on different speakers as a reference. A lot of interfaces in this price range do not have that feature.


The C400 also has built in reverb and other effects. The monitoring is very close to zero latency. The main controls of this interface are on the top panel of it making it easily accessible to change what is needed. When I purchased this interface it came with Pro Tools SE which I didn’t expect to get with it when I purchased it online. I was already using Pro Tools and didn’t need it but it was still a plus that they shipped it with it. I have used this interface is Logic, Cubase, and Reason many times and it never gave me any issues no matter what I used it with.


There are 2 front panel ¼ instrument inputs and 4 balanced analog outputs with monitoring management for switching back and forth between monitors. Those features alone make this interface worth the money spend. It connects to your computer via USB and gets its power from the computer so there is no need to plug it into a wall outlet.


The Fast Track C400 interface is a must have for someone who wants a sleek and stylish portable interface that they can run their whole set up with.