Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

Komplete Audio 6, USB audio interface from Native Instruments in the Komplete series.

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sw80 09/10/2012

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Alot of extras come with it"

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It has 6 channels in this USB Audio and MIDI interface by Native Instruments. It is the Komplete Audio 6, I know first hand that Native Instruments makes some quality gear and mainly software that’s why I knew that I had to get my hands on this interface. This interface has very low latency and high quality preamps. I used this on my PC that has Windows 7 installed on it and it didn’t cause any problems. It was rather easy to install and get up and running.


The interface has a mono input switch on it that can be used for vocals, and any mono sound you want to record. There are also LED’s on the interface that will show you if you are clipping. This is a good feature as well because some interfaces don’t show that you will have to rely on the DAW to let you know if you are clipping. When you purchase the Komplete Audio 6 it will come with Komplete Elements, Elements has over 3GB of sounds. Also if you don’t have a DAW it will come with Cubase LE which is awesome for your production because you can do basically everything with this award winning software. The drivers with Komplete Audio 6 are very stable and I have never updated them since I started using this interface.


The Komplete Audio 6 did come with a manual but I don’t think I have ever even opened it. The set up of Audio 6 was super easy and all of the bonuses you get with this interface make it worth the money spent.


After you purchase this interface you will also get Traktor LE 2 and a 30 gift card to purchase anything you want from Native Instruments online store. All of that for just 230.00 dollars is crazy and makes it impossible to pass up. You are getting over 500.00 dollars worth of gear from 230! Native Instruments will always be one of my go to companies when I am looking to buy new gear.