Numark STEREO|iO Compact
Numark STEREO|iO Compact

STEREO|iO Compact, USB audio interface from Numark.

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mrjason 07/03/2013

Numark STEREO|iO Compact : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"It doesnt hurt to have one"

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The Numark Stereo iO is an analog to digital interface. It is very inexpensive and made out of plastic but still worth the buy. It allows you to connect any audio device to you computer via USB, no matter if you have a Mac or a PC. It is very simple to use and is pretty much a plug and play device. There is no external power supply for it because it comes from the computer via USB. The inputs really have no headroom and that is the downside of it, but it also only around 40 dollars so you really cannot expect to have all of those great features. It is very simple and basic and reminds me of the Behringer interface that cost around the same price.


I would use the Numark Stereo iO to record vinyle records into my computer and right into my DAW software so I could save them as MP3’s to put them onto my iPod/MP3 player.


But there are a lot of uses for a interface like this. I think all musicians and DJ’s should have one of these around at all times because you never know when you could need one or if you are tight on space and just need to transport some audio inter your computer and don’t want to pull out your full interface set up. This is an easy way to do it and you do not have to worry about damaging it because it is very inexpensive anyways. I actually one 2 units like this one, 1 is this exact one and the other one is made by Behringer.


You cannot go wrong with the iO from Numark. You could even use this as your interface if you really wanted, as long as you want to turn everything into RCA connections and you have convertors to do so.