PropellerHead Balance
PropellerHead Balance

Balance, USB audio interface from PropellerHead.

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mrjason 06/02/2013

PropellerHead Balance : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"for the Reason users!"

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This Propellerhead Balance USB interface is made for Reason users. It is perfectly geared and ready to be used with Reason right way; they have pretty much already set it all up from the start I just had to load it all up. This interface came with Reason Essentials which I used, but I already had a copy of Reason on my computer. This interface connects to my computer/laptop via USB connection. It is a low latency interface with 2 XLR mic inputs with 48 Volt phantom power and 2 ¼ inch guitar inputs with padding. There are a total of 4 ¼ inputs all balanced and a headphone output. This interface has all of the inputs and outputs that a basic Reason user could ever need.


Setting this interface up is pretty simple because it is perfectly made for Reason Essentials so all I had to do was load up Essentials and load the disk for the interface and when I opened up Reason I could just locate the interface and it was ready to be used. After I registered it with Propellerhead first, you must have an internet connection to register everything or else it could leave you scratching your head trying to figure out why nothing is working.


If you are on a windows computer with this interface and using Windows XP I do recommend having service pack 3 because when I had service pack 2 I kept getting some kind of errors and no one knew what it was. It also runs great with Vista and Windows 7. I am not sure if they have come out with an update to use Balance with Windows 8 yet, I am anxious to know because I just recently got a Windows 8 computer and would love to use this interface with my new touch screen PC.


Overall, this is a great interface and it is a must have if you are a Reason user. Or even if you are not a Reason user, you can purchase this interface and get Reason Essentials and you will fall in love with Reason!