Steinberg UR824
Steinberg UR824

UR824, USB audio interface from Steinberg in the UR series.

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mrjason 06/02/2013

Steinberg UR824 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Nothing not to like about it"

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This interface is rackable using 1 rackspace, it connects to my desktop computer running Windows 7 by a USB cord that is on the back of it. The UR824 is one of the better interfaces that Steinberg has came out with due to the preamps built into it. It comes with Cubase AI software and the driver disk to run it with Windows systems or Mac systems. It also comes with 3 plug ins from REV-X.


This interface records at 24 bit/96 kHz and has very low latency monitoring. Using this interface with just about any microphone will get at least a decent quality. I have used it with about 6 different microphones so far. The mic that I use the most with it though is my Blue Bird microphone mainly because that is my favorite mic to use for guitar tracks. This interface gave me everything that I needed right out of the box to start recording.


The UR824 will not color your sound or take anything away from your sound. Pretty much whatever you are recording will come out exactly the way that it sounds as you are playing it. One thing that I have noticed with this interface is that after it is on for long periods of time I have felt it getting very hot. I am not sure if that was supposed to happen but there really isn’t a cooling system within it so there really is no way around it. But it has never had any issues due to the heating; it just worried me because I don’t want to damage the board.


This interface is well worth the money spent and I recommend getting it if you need to record multiple tracks simultaneously. The Steinberg UR824 interface gave me the sound that I wanted with no effort at all. There are LED lights on the front to signal options and the knobs are built well.