Tascam US-1800
Tascam US-1800

US-1800, USB audio interface from Tascam.

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mrjason 06/02/2013

Tascam US-1800 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Easy to work with "

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The Tascam US1800 was an interface that I used for a few months in 2011. It connected easily to my computer via USB connection. This unit is rackable taking up one rack space on my desktop workstation. This interface has 16 inputs that you can record with simultaneously and 4 outputs. 14 of the inputs are analog and 8 inputs are for XLR mics and it does provide phantom power. This interface had everything that I needed at the time.


It was easy to set up and start using, it came with a manual that was easy to follow and the disk to load the driver was easy to use, because all I had to do was just put it in my PC and it installed the software then the interface was recognized by Cubase and Pro Tools.


I liked using it in Pro Tools 10 a lot because that is where I do most of my recording at and instead of paying a lot of money for one of those interfaces that Pro Tools endorses I was able to get the same features but only pay about half that price.


This interface is good, and I feel that it is very underrated because no one is talking about using it. The only downside to it was sometimes there would be a latency issue when working with Pro Tools 10 depending on what you are recording and how many tracks you are recording at the same time. You can work around this but sometimes it is very annoying. At first I just thought it was my PC until other users told me about that same problem and it’s mainly because of the USB connection and recording with multiple tracks. This was probably the last USB interface that I have purchase since then I went all to fire wire because I think the speed is much better.