Tascam US-2000
Tascam US-2000

US-2000, USB audio interface from Tascam.

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sacchetta 30/09/2014

Tascam US-2000 : la opinión de sacchetta (content in English)

"My Baby"

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TASCAM US 2000 - great product and features, even better price. The TASCAM US 2000 is a USB 16 input 4 output analogue to digital converter. This audio interface takes up just a single rack space where others would fill at least 2. With a street price of about $400 USD it's pretty irresistible.

The US 2000 was an obvious choice for my needs. I wanted at least 8 pre-amped channels, however my biggest need was more than 2 outputs. When I realized the US 2000 had 6 TRS inputs on the back I knew I had to have it. This gave me the option to pretty much mic up a whole 5 piece rock band into one single rack space unit.

-44.1/48/88.2/96kHz sample rate
-16/24 bit rate
-20Hz to 20kHz, +/-1dB(MIC IN to MONITOR OUTPUT) frequency response
-Signal to noise ratio - 90dB(LINE IN to MONITOR OUTPUT,20kHz LPF + A-weighted)
-2.4kohms input impedance
-Nominal input level of -60dBu(when gain knob is at maximum) -4dBu(when gain knob is at minimum)
-Maximum input level of +12dBu
-Line inputs have a -10dB +4 dB switch
-Mono or stereo switch for each pair of input channels (with exception of digital channels)
-Phantom power switch for every 2 pre-amped inputs
-16 inputs (8 Pre-amped + 6 TRS line in + 2 S/PDIF)
-Tracks 7 & 8 have insert jacks in the back
-2 dedicated monitor outputs
-4 line outputs (1-2 reflect the monitor outputs)
-1 headphone jack on front with dedicated volume knob (100mW+100mW or more (32ohms loaded))
-Monitor & computer output knobs on front
-Input monitoring knob
-100 LED meter for input and output
-USB 2.0
-Cubase LE 5 included
-Power - AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz - 14W consumption
-Dimensions - 482.6(W)×44(H)×280(D)mm
-Weighs 2.5kg


The US 2000 features 16 inputs, 8 pre's on the front, 6 line in on the back + 2 digital. Competing models tend to only have 8 pre amp inputs, and if you've recorded a drum kit, 8 inputs gets used up pretty quickly. The extra 6 line inputs on the back of the TASCAM US 2000 really come in handy if the drummer decides they want every drum mic'd, AND every other surface in the room. Seriously, 6 extra inputs can really come in handy. They also allow you to bypass the built in preamp by going into the line input. All line inputs have a handy -10 - +4 dB switch, great for hot signals. Each pair of inputs has a stereo switch for stereo recording. Phantom power can be applied to each of the 4 preamp pairs.

4 output heaven. Wow is this useful, and a major selling point. Many other similar interfaces tend to only have 2 output, which are used by the monitor. This limits your routing ability severely. No one wants to have to patch their outputs from their monitors to the piece of outboard gear they want to use. Having a 3rd and 4th output is what sold me on this unit. Not only can I put a track directly into my pieces of outboard gear, I can have 2 independent audio signals routed out while the music is playing in real time. Say I have a drummer and he's the only one who wants to hear the click track, well I can put the click through output 3 and then patch that into his headphone mix without the rest of the band hearing it! Little things like that prove the extra 2 outputs usefulness. In addition to 2 outputs dedicated to your monitors, there are another set of outputs that playback what is going through the monitor output. Think of it as a splitter of your monitor outputs so that you don't have to patch into the monitor output line directly.

Lets not forget about the 2 XLR/TRS inputs located on the front of the US 2000. This is really handy to have for the person who doesn't own a patch bay. Gone are the days of maneuvering behind your interface just to plug in a guitar for some late night recording. And with the dual TRS/XLR input jack, won't have to play with a mess of adapters to make your connection.

Time to talk latency. The US 2000 allows you to directly monitor within your interface, that's right, no more crashing your DAW just because you want to hear what you are playing. Keep in mind the individual track levels of the input can't be adjusted. In the TASCAM US 2000 control panel for windows you will find latency settings, however on a mac latency is determined by the application being used. The dedicated input monitoring provides no noticeable latency for the user. This is one of my top 5 favourite features of the US 2000.


I didn't have any compatibility issues when I first got the US 2000. When I later installed Mavericks the US 2000 wouldn't connect. Luckily the hard workers at TASCAM had a Mavericks driver ready to be downloaded, problem solved. Set up itself was very easy. Being on a Mac, I just downloaded the driver, installed it, connected my unit and then turned it on. Just like that I had a new prized interface.

Like any manual it will be confusing to someone who doesn't know much about that type of gear. For a seasoned veteran it is well put together and a great reference.

The TASCAM US 2000 was about a 8/10 when it comes to ease of use. Any interface is going to have its learning curve, but for the experienced user diving right in won't be a problem.


What Bang for the buck. With an average price of about $400, the TASCAM US 2000 was not a hard decision for me. I got 8 preamp inputs, 6 line inputs, 4 outputs with USB all for around $400USB, and it fits all into one rack space.

I really like the sound the preamps deliver. Lots of headroom but the amplification doesn't sound forced or thin. The 2 insert connections for channels 7-8 allow you to easily mix in a piece of outboard gear to the top of the input chain. TASCAM didn't sacrifice quality when they started making more affordable models.

This is ideal for the compact/mobile recording studio that still wants the options for many inputs without the weight or extra gear/wiring. Your home studio definitely wouldn't suffer with the US 2000's 2 extra independent outputs, you might even make a drummer happy! The TASCAM US 2000 is the perfect fit for someone who wants a reliable, compact recording interface, with options that rival models don't have.

-16 inputs
-4 outputs
-Input monitoring
-Just a single rack space
-2 TRS/XLR inputs on front of unit
-Cubase LE 5 for those who don't have a DAW
-Premium mic pre-amps & converters

-2 more output channels wouldn't hurt!
-A firewire version would be awesome