Yamaha UW10
Yamaha UW10

UW10, USB audio interface from Yamaha.

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stompboxjon 30/08/2012

Yamaha UW10 : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Small, but definatly some latency"

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The UW10 is a very small compact interface that reminds me a lot of the Behringer Ucontrol. Its very simple to operate and its only purpose is to record some basic stuff. I really didn’t even use it for much but just recording some basic demo vocals down. The UW10 by Yamaha is a very small device and can fit in the palm of your hand or you can carry it around in your pocket that’s how small it is.


The biggest issue with this device is the latency, the latency isn’t extremely bad and I have heard a lot worst but you can tell. When I tried to contact Yamaha about the issue thinking I must have done something wrong or the device must be defective they just said that there is no such thing as zero latency. In my opinion the latency was coming from the connectors that got my microphone into the interface, because it doesn’t take the regular XLR cables it takes your regular old Audio cables, so I had to buy a connecter to plug my microphone intro the had outs that could go into the UW10. We all know that the more cords and connectors you have going in between the your sound device and your interface causes latency.


The UW10 was very compatible and only took a few seconds to install the drivers and get my system to recognize it. No manual was needed, and it did come with one and also with a disk for the driver.


Favorite thing about it is the size, its very small and its always good to have something like this on hand in case your main interface goes out, or in case you are traveling and need to record somewhere else. I wish I could change the microphone inputs on it and make it regular microphone cords like your normal interfaces. Using these connecters are just a pain in the bum!