Myriad Virtual Singer
Myriad Virtual Singer

Virtual Singer, Vocalista Virtual from Myriad.

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content in English
stompboxjon 15/09/2012

Myriad Virtual Singer : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Can be done in different languages"

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The Myriad Virtual singer came out around 2006 and I have only been using it for a few months after seeing someone talk about it on a forum so I checked it out. The price of it is very affordable and the interface of it is very different. You can pick several different voice styles to sing at the same time , you can also have them sing in different languages including, English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish, Japanese and a few more that I cant think of right now. The Myriad Virtual Singer creates a realistic human voice from what ever progressions or score lyrics you create and Myraid Virtual Singer will sing it.


Myriad Virtual Singer is very stable and has been updated a few times, all of the updates are free once you purchase the real version and not the demo version of the software. Myriad Virtual Singer only cost 25 dollars and you can download it right away. Installing it is very quick. The manual is easy to read and understand, I think it comes in PDF format. I ran Myriad Virtual singer on my Dual Core PC, I am not sure if you can run it on a Mac though.


The Myraid Virtual Singer isn’t a VST that you will use a lot, but when you do use it you will love how neat and cool it is. It will allow you to add some much needed flavor to your music with these realistic voices. I am very happy that I purchased this not too long ago, it is also one of the cheapest priced VST’s that I have ever purchased at just 25 dollars and you get free updates for life. The sound quality and customer support from Myriad is great, they will reply back to your emails very fast if you have any questions. I recommend using the Myraid Virtual Singer, it will have you hooked; just download the demo and you will see what I mean.