Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter
Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter

FT-2 Dynamic Filter, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro para Guitarra from Boss.

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Hatsubai 25/11/2011

Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Another Boss Autowah"

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The FT-2 was a fairly short lived Dynamic Filter, and to be honest, I can kinda see why. Boss made some improvements on the newer models that kind make this obsolete. That said, this model was still a good model. If you ever wanted that funky kind of sound without having to move your foot all the time on the wah, this is the kind of pedal for you. It features knobs for sensitivity, dynamics, cutoff and a special mode switch that can select between different styles of effects.


Boss pedals are among some of the best, most well built pedals you'll ever find. The FET bypass is pretty good on this, and it's not a horrible tone sucking pedal. There is some tone suckage, but it was never enough for me to consider putting it into a true bypass loop. The pedal is tough as nails and can withstand any kind of abuse. I've seen these things beat to hell and back, and they still perform like a champ. The knobs are laid out nicely, and everything is fairly easy to understand. One thing you might want to do is look at the manual, but I can't say I know what it's like as the pedal I had didn't come with one. That said, the manuals that Boss pedals have are usually really good.


If you like different variations on your auto wah, this is probably the pedal for you. It offered some different things that other auto wahs didn't, at the time. You had a bit more versatility than with the older Boss wahs. For example, you can set this thing to where it stays on a frequency, and it sounds kinda like that MIchael Schenker tone. You know, that cocked wah kind of sound. Then again, the Tone Zone pickup kinda does that by itself, so you can choose how you want to get that tone. It does the standard funky kind of expression thing, but it's nothing that inspiring that made me want to keep this.


The pedal is solid, but there are some better options out there, especially considering how hard this pedal can be to find. They only made it for a few years, after all. I find that the newer Boss auto wah pedals tend to sound a bit better and offer more versatility, but if you're looking for the most dynamic and old school style, you'll probably want to get the TW1 instead.