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Hatsubai 20/03/2011

Build Your Own Clone Wha : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Boutique Wah at half the price"

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BYOC has always been famous for their overdrives and distortions. Due to popular demand, BYOC released their version of the Wah pedal. It features a standard Wah enclosure, complete with mini trim pots inside to contour the sound to exactly how you'd like it. The trim pots allow this pedal to emulate some of the more boutique and expensive wahs out there. If you want a wide sweep, narrow sweep, specific Q range, etc. it's all in here. On top of that, it's true bypass.


BYOC really went for broke with this pedal. As always, the instructions are clearly laid out, and every piece is labeled down to the smallest detail. The cool thing about the wah build is that there is a lot of room to work with, so you're not cramped like you are with the 125B enclosures. If something goes wrong, there are people on the forum that would be more than happy to assist you in getting your circuit built. The enclosure itself is just as rugged as any other wah. If you already have a wah enclosure, they'll sell just the circuit to retrofit into your current wah as well.


The only wah out there that would be more versatile than this would be a rack wah, and even those don't have some of the features found in this. Easy the coolest feature is the ability to switch between different fasel inductors. This alone can drastically change the tone and feel of the wah pedal. To top it off, there are many mini trim pots inside to contour the sound to exactly how you'd like it. It even includes a high quality 100k ICAR pot that'll last for ages.


Anybody looking for a wah should check this pedal out. Given how many features this has, it's an absolute bargain. It's also a pretty good beginner kit to start out with. Just be sure to go slow and don't rush anything. If something does go wrong, hit up the BYOC forums, and they'll get you fixed up right away.