Danelectro DAN-O-WHA
Danelectro DAN-O-WHA
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moosers 21/12/2011

Danelectro DAN-O-WHA : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Danelectro Dan-O-Wah is a cool wah wah pedal for your electric guitar. I’ve only had the chance to use this pedal in the studio since I don’t own one for myself. One of the studios that I work out of a lot has one and this is where I’ve used it since my Cry Baby wah is getting fixed up. This is a pretty straight forward pedal and should be easy to use for anyone regardless of experience with wah wah pedals. It’s easy to set up since it has ¼” connections for input and output and runs on a 9 volt battery or power supply. It’s not rack mountable since it’s a foot controlled pedal.


There aren’t really any parameters or controls to be aware of with the Danelectro Dan-O-Wah. You control the effect with your foot via the expression pedal. You also turn it on and off this way. Those who have used a wah pedal before will know what this means. One thing about it is that it isn’t the easiest pedal to engage the effect as you have to push down somewhat hard to get it to go on. Other than this, it’s super easy to use and a manual shouldn’t be necessary.


I really like the sound of the Danelectro Dan-O-Wah. It seems to have more of a sweep and be more precise with it’s filtering than many of the pedals that I’ve used before. I probably would prefer it to the simple Cry Baby, but both are good for what they are. I’m not huge into using wah, but it’s definitely a nice thing to have for any guitar player. If you’re using it a lot I’d probably recommend springing from the Dan-O-Wah since it has a superb tone.


While not as popular as the Dunlop Cry Baby, the Danelectro Dan-O-Wah is a fine choice for a wah pedal. It’s definitely got a cooler design and color as it’s quite retro, which seems to be a theme with Danelectro gear. I’ve found Danelectro pedals to be pretty hit or miss, but they are usually nice for the price you will pay. The Dan-O-Wah is definitely a hit in my book and should be checked out for any prospective wah owners.