Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

Clyde Deluxe Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro para Guitarra from Fulltone.

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mmolteratx 19/03/2011

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah : la opinión de mmolteratx (content in English)

"Killer versatility that sounds great"

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The Clyde Deluxe isn't as precisely tweakable as some other wahs, though it's mode switch and level control provide adequate control for nearly every situation. The LED indicator is great and much appreciated.
The circuit is a classic inductor design that builds on the classic Vox 'Clyde McCoy' design. Unlike the vintage original however, it has a switch to select between the classic Vox circuit, a Maestro Boomerang circuit and a Colorsound wah circuit. All are very good approximations of the vintage equivalent.
The level control lets you dial in unity gain with any guitar/amp combo. Never again will you have an unnecessary boost or cut when playing live.
The pedal is all analog and features true bypass along with a shielded inductor for low noise.
There is also an internal trimmer that can be turned to change the bass response. Very nice for tuning it for your individual situation while keeping the overall tone.
The casing is custom made for Fulltone and enables a wider sweep.


Set up is easy. You have the choice of battery or power supply operation and then it's plug and play.
Selecting your mode is very easy. Just rotate the switch to the position you choose, there are markers on the side to indicate which you've chosen. The manual explains the basic tone of each position.
The volume is there so you can have unity gain or a boost if you so choose. Getting the right volume is very easy, just turn the knob until it sounds right.
The switch is a bit difficult to hit but if you're standing up and can put some pressure on it shouldn't be a problem.
The manual is great and lists contact info for Fulltone and warranty information in addition to basic operation instructions.


I use my Strats with both single coils and humbuckers into the Fulltone into a THD Flexi 50. Vintage wah tones come very easily.
The Jimi mode sounds just like a vintage Vox Clyde McCoy wah. The sweep is quacky without being too abrupt, the high end is prominent but smooth and the lows aren't overbearing. Great with cleans and light to moderate distortion. Absolutely love it, though I find my Teese RMC3 did the sounds just a bit better.
The Wacked mode sounds a lot like an old Colorsound wah but isn't perfect. It's actually a bit better than the Colorsound for my needs. The low end is a bit less prominent than it's vintage counterpart which is great, as I find the genuine article to have too much low end content that turns into mud with a bit of distortion. I tend to use the Wacked mode when I want a more modern sound when using high gain.
The Shaft mode nails the Boomerang quack. Porno sounds abound. It can be a bit ice picky if you're not careful with your amp settings though. It doesn't sound very good with distortion for this reason. If you play funk, this is really the only sound you'll ever need though.
I probably use the Jimi mode the most as it's the most versatile. Though with the modes on an easily accessible switch, I go back and forth quite a bit.


My favorite feature is the mode switch. It lets me get pretty much any tone I need for most situations I'm in and sounds great while doing it.
I really don't have any complaints about it, though I do find my Teese RMC3 to sound a bit sweeter when going for the same tones. The price is reasonable and the build quality is great. I can't fault it at all.
I've tried/owned many other high end wahs before this one and it hangs with the best of them. It sounds consistently great and I don't have problems with it all of a sudden sounding nasty. It likes the vast majority of amps I've tried it with as well.
I'd probably pick up a Castledine wah instead just to see what it's about knowing what I know now. My RMC3 does the same tones in a slightly smaller package and I feel it does everything a bit better as well. The Clyde Deluxe is a great choice if that's not available though.